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Name: Damon Barnum, Youth Pastor

Favorite TV Show: The Flash

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite app: Clash of Clans

Favorite candy: White Chocolate Resse Cups

Contact info: 230-224-2453,

Name: Mandy Barnum

Favorite Band: TobyMac/DiverseCity

Dream Vacation: Holy Land tour

Where were you born: H-town (aka: Huntington, IN)

Favorite Bible verse: Esther 4:11

Name: Sandy Webb

If you could learn anything instantly: Playing Piano

Favorite Candy: Snickers

Favorite Possession: Wedding Ring

Favorite Color: Red

Name: Jenny Dawalt

Dream vacation: Hawaii

Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead

Favorite App: I Heart Radio

Favorite Color: Pink

Name: Bob Newheart

Favorite TV Show: The Bachelor

Favorite App: My Little Pony: Story Creator

If you could learn anything instantly: Macaroni Art or Popsicle Birdcage repair and upkeep

Where were you born: My mom, but I moved...

Name: Bryce Foerman

Favorite Band: Twenty-one Pilots

Favorite Possession: Writing Journal

Where were you born: Logansport, IN

Favorite Bible verse: Ex 14:14

Name: Irene Ellis

Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls

Dream Vacation: Wales

Favorite Possession: Bible study stuff

First Celebrity Crush: Nicholas Cage 



6:15 pm - 7:30 pm